21 September 2010

REMEMBER WELSH JACOBITES HEROES HENRY LLOYD AND DAVID MORGAN: Today Anniversary of the Battle of Prestonpans 21 Medi 1745.

Jacobite Rising of 1745 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Jacobite rising of 1745 was the attempt by the "Young Pretender" Charles Edward Stuart to gain the throne of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobite_Rising_of_1745 - Cached - Similar

    1. Highlanders rescue him from his escort and take him to the Jacobite stronghold ... As this might suggest, the author, A. Welsh, then goes on to suggest that ... which are often ignored or unacknowledged by the heroes, such as Waverley. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waverley_(novel) - Cached - Similar
  1. 1740s in Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Following the failure of the Jacobite Rebellion, Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 3rd Baronet, ...William Morgan of Tredegar Park becomes MP for Monmouthshire. ... August - David Owen, 29 ("David of the White Rock"), harpist,; date unknown ...
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1740s_in_Wales - Cached - Similar

    Henry Lloyd (soldier)

    He fought for the Frech agaist the Austrias, the Jacobite forces of Charles ... HenryHumphrey Evans Lloyd (c.1718 – 19 June 1783 ) was a Welsh army ...
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    MORGAN, DAVID THOMAS - The National Library of Wales :: Dictionary ...

    MORGAN , DAVID THOMAS ( c. 1695 - 1746 ), Jacobite , was the son of Thomas and ...Eight days later he was put to death on Kennington Common with all the ...
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      9 Aug 2010 ... THE LAST OF THE WELSH JACOBITES by Stephen Paul DeVillo July 2001 30 July 1746: David Thomas Morgan, Welsh Jacobite leader, executed by the ...
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16 September 2010


That depends on Patriots with the Courage and Conviction to provide leadership and direction as 'Adfwyiad Gwladgarol' did at Rali Cilmeri 1968:

Alternative Welsh Nationalist Archive: CILMERI 1968 PATRIOTS ...

5 Aug 2008 ... CILMERI 1968 PATRIOTS PROTEST & 2008 PATRIOTS PETITION - Is that it? or is somethng else on the cards for Rali Cilmeri 2008 & Caernarfon ...
awnms.blogspot.com/.../cilmeri-1968-patriots-protest-2008.html - Cached - Similar

As Cofiwn did in 1983 taking on the Campaign against Sarhad'83:

Cofiwn: The Great Battle: Gwyl y Cestyll/Festival of Castles.

16 Jan 2007 ... During the 'Gwyl y Cestyll' launch weekend, we called a 'Sarhad' 83rally inCaernarfon with a number of powerful speakers from a variety of ...
cofiwn.blogspot.com/.../great-battle-gwyl-y-cestyllfestival-of.html - Cached

Central to launching Cymric Consciousness Campaigns
was the Rali
platform at the Cenotaph but in recent
years this has been
hi - jacked by post
Devolution Dillettantes
far more keener on self
advancement as per the Dewi Day biz
in Cardiff that seems to have
done a great deal for HJD founder
of Cambria Mag.
The 'engineered'
eading of Dewi Day paraders
all the way down Bae Caerdydd
to parade
their pathetic 'Taffy'
patriotism before Dafydd Elis Thomas did more for
HJD than for
the Cause of Welsh Freedom, not least his gaining
stand as a Plaid Cymru MP and become a member of
Gorsedd. No bad Henry
'Boyo' but what about that Petition
the English Princes of Wales? going to
get the guts up
to nail it to the
gate of Caernarfon Castle on 13 July 2011?
Am sure
your 'Cambrianista
Cronies' will help you with the
hammer and nails. Remember now
13 July
2011, put it down
in your diary and don't skip off abroad?

It's good to see so many Welsh Republicans going to Rali Cilmeri
this year,
'Usual GOB Suspects' will of course be there and so
too will the 'Balchder
Plus this year a new boy on the
block David Hayes whose organising
a bus to
take his 'Honchos'
of a
franchised Cymru 1400 - Welsh Republican
Movement? yes!
I thought the same too 'Cymru 1400' a well known Welsh
date in our
history? sigh! Now is that 'thick' or what? Obviously
'Hayes' is either politically
challenged or he's pushing the buttons
for some
'Click & Gather' reason, of the
patriotically confused to be
lets see if the 'Hayes Honchos'
along with the
'Balchder Boyos' are up
repeating what Cofiwn achieved in
as we took on the Welsh Tourist
lets see if they can take on
and Caernarfon 2011?

Adfywiad Gwladgarol Cymru: CADW = CONQUEST AND DEFEATWALES: I...

- 09:34
5 Jul 2010 ... CADW = CONQUEST AND DEFEAT WALES: I Feel a RADICAL CAMPAIGN Coming .... However, now down to business taking on CADW - Conquest And Defeat ...
adfywiad.blogspot.com/.../cadw-conquest-and-defeat-wales-i-feel.html - Cached

Republican Campaigns, maybe?


15 Apr 2010 ... Information & News on Anti - Colonial/Capitalist Campaigns plus Patriotic & Popular ... as represented by Mudiad Cofiwn who took on 'Sarhad 1283 - 1983' ... histoy of Conquest of Wales between the years 1282 - 83 - 84. ...
ymgyrch.blogspot.com/.../anti-english-monarchy-campaigns-in.html - Cached


- 5 visits - 8 Aug
18 Jul 2010 ... WELSH REPUBLICANS AGAINST MONARCHY. In Assistance to politically the Challenged and Confused Retro and Romantic 'Welsh Republican' debris in ...
ramrepublicansagainstmonarchy.blogspot.com/ - Cached

Interesting Investiture Information:

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Reconciling the Celt: British National Identity, Empire, and the ...

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most clear expression with the
1911 investiture of the Prince of Wales during the reign of his son, King George V. The press considered the ...

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      King Edward VIII's Investiture as Prince of Wales, 1911 fine art prints, posters & canvases by English Photographer. All products 100% customisable.
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