06 December 2010


Rali Cilmeri has rather lost the plot, it has become no more that an annual platform for Posuers, Opportnunists and Dilettants. That does not mean a number of Patriots who attend are good for nothing, a few do much patriotic work and more than most not least the 'Has Beens' aka 'Good Ole Boys'. You cannot fail to know who they are and just ask them what they have been doing since Rali Cilmeri 2009, very little if the truth be known! Whatever, I had no intention of going to Rali Cilmeri ever again but I had intended to get to Prysgduon to make an Adfywiad Agit - Prop Patriotic Point. However, this is not to be this year, it's just not on this Saturday so will have to make the patriotic point next year. So see below photo of my new banner, continuing to be creative in the way of our former patriotic master flag maker Toni Lewis RIP, in fact the White Eagle adorning the pole was a gift from Toni to myself.

I have started to make a new Adfywiad Eagle Flag but it's far from finnished and thus I have had to complete it's foto in Photo Shop.

Original Flag Colours by Meic Stephens Literati, Eagle on Sun my idea.
An Older Adfywiad Gwladgarol Eagle Version.
 Hopefully, I will have the new flag ready for rising up at Maenserth next year, another must go see historic site must as well as Prysg Duon.

BBC - Mid Wales Rhayader - Standing Stones of Rhayader

"Maen Serth stands on top of a hill called Esgair Dderw. There are some interesting stories connected with this stone. 'Maen' is the Welsh name for a large ...
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What's On Line For Adfywiadwyr Attention over coming Five Years:

Then there's this:

Basques Don't mess about, next time the English Royals visits Caernarfon Castle why not prepare a Baner of similar size and purpose as the Basque one below. Then when the English Royals stand on the Balcony to receive homage of the 'Taffy Loyalists' they are more likly to see and hopefully get the message GO HOME ENGLISH ROYALS YOUR NOT WANTED IN WALES OK!

After Thought, a comment on the times:

Yes, mistake above meant Cofia 1282 - 1982.


01 December 2010

COFIWN GOCH - GWYNEDD GOCH: Land And Liberty! POPULAR WELSH RESISTANCE AND THE STRUGGLE AGAINST ENCLOSURE OF LAND IN WELSH HISTORY. This Post Is In Support Of The 'No Cuts' Demonstration In Caernarfon 04 - 12 - 2010. C.O.R.N Riot Continues The Struggle! No Cuts and No Carve Up Of Wales!

Think of Gwynedd and most Welsh Patriots will think of Welsh Princes and Wars of Independance but there is another history we ignore at our patriotic peril! Particularly at present as personally I am more and more of the oppinion that in these times it is the Peoples History of Struggle against Tyrrany and oppression that speaks more to us than the struggles of Medieval Princes who more often as not fought each other more than the Anglo - Norman Conquistadores. 


19 Sep 2010 ... Prior to this as potentially worthy of annual commemoration are the 'Enclosure Riots at Llanddeiniolen 1809' and the 'Nefyn Enclosure Riot ...
redremembrancer.blogspot.com/.../welsh-socialist-history-gwynedd-four.html - Cached

Placard In Development - See Pics Below.

So lets get to know this other history and in this instance in this blog I will focus on Gwynedd again but move on from Corn Riots of which you will find further information in blogs below:

Welsh Remembrancer.: JOIN THE CORN RIOT! - C.O.R.N - CYMRU ONWARD ...

10 Nov 2010 ... A feature today in the Independent's 'I' 'Is the British Right Really Inviting us to the Tea Party', prompted me to think up the CORN RIOT ...
welshremembrancer.blogspot.com/.../come-join-corn-party-cymru-oward-revolt.html - Cached


11 Nov 2010 ... Corn Laws As well as strikes there were food riots all over Britain . The CornLaws had an important political impact on Manchester . ...
ymgyrch.blogspot.com/.../come-join-corn-riot-corn-cymru-onward.html - Cached

Corn Riots often coincided with the struggle against Enclosures and the Resistance of small farmers and squatters 1793 - 1830, see book Before Rebecca by David Jones. However, note that there were enclosure disturbences going back to Tudor Times and Corn Riots were known to have taken place during the 18th Century in many parts of Wales. Though the years between 1793 - 1830 was the period of major popular Protests, Resistance and Riot bordering very much on open revolt but unlike Ireland never becoming an armed Rebellion for that Wales would have to wait untill 1831 and 1839. 

THE WELSH PATRIOT.: 22 February 1797 - Our Welsh Republican failiure?

15 Feb 2007 ... If taking children then do take great care as the "Rock of Garreg Wasted" is close to steep cliffs OK! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ...
welshpatriot.blogspot.com/.../22-february-1797-our-welsh-republican.html - Cached - Similar

In this post I will focus on Gwynedd which was as much to the fore in Peoples struggle as other parts of Wales, time we remembered that not least this coming Saturday in Caernarfon for which I suggest those attending make the following placard, the more the merrier as then it will really make a big point or two! Boom! Boom! Get it? You will once you see the below. See Pics below, too snowy and cold to go outside and take a photo, you will just have to make do with indoor shots. Details: I used a box some book shelves were packaged in, about 3' x 1', this made it possible for me to illustrate on both sides. I am also affixing thru the box a fishing rod which can be pulled out (note clip at top to keep in place). When put together and held up high, it will be seen for sure and if a load of them make great visual Agit - Prop Impact. Go to it, of course if as a child you watched Blue Peter all this will come easy to you. Y Urdd should produce a Mr Urdd Gonk holding a Red Pitch Fork? that gives me an idea, I will make my own Mr C.O.R.N Rebel Gonk. Coming your way soon!


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