24 April 2016

WELSH TRIBUTE TO EXECUTED 1916 IRISH EASTER RISING LEADERS AT THE WELSH 'COLONIAL' OFFICE, CARDIFF 3 - 12 MAY 2016 (Maybe Welsh Republican Resurgence Rally 15 May, same location. Foward a Welsh Republican Movement III?) YMLAEN I'R WERINIAETH!

We, my partner Sian and I had to go, myself, for the second time as I had been in 1966 for the 50th Commemoration and later post 1969 Imprisonment had gone into exile in Dublin for two years 1969 - 72 but that is another story altogether?

 If I had the money I and Sian would quit Wales and return for retirement in Dublin. (Photo below myself in Dublin 1970 on way to work as a Grill Chef in the Green Rooster now a Burger King opposite the Daniel O'Connoll Monument).

Much water since under the bridge all to be written up in our book BAMN CYMRU, now, only a blog but to be published in the  not too distant future which will also put the record straight not least regards a present day 'Back Stabbing' Pathetic Fringe of fb Fusiliers and the annual rally of 'Cilmeri Cream Crackers' et al.

Whatever, the 1966 venture to Dublin inspired many of us Patriots on our return to Wales to engage in a radical liberation struggle 'ADFYWIAD GWLADGAROL', nothing to do with Plaid Cymru 'Home Rule' campaigning nor the Cultural Nationalism of CyIG. I with Toni Lewis founded the Patriotic Front and engaged eventually in the main the Anti - Investiture struggle (with our Rali Cilmeri as a platform) for which we were arrested and imprisoned in 1969. Politically back in the day we were inspired by Welsh Republicans of WRM I as Cliff Bere and Pedr Lewis RIP also radical Nationalists as Trefor Morgan RIP and Emrys Roberts et al. However, what made me more a 'Socialist Republican' was my exile in Dublin in the early 'Seventies' and thus when I returned to Wales with my Brother we set up the Welsh Socialist Vanguard and with Viv Pugh founded the annual 1831 Commemoration. Later the WSV would with Ian Bone and the Haines Brothers make way for Cymru Goch I to advance a more Socialist struggle within a Nationalist environment, this did not come too much beyond muting setting up of a Plaid Gwerin Cymru with Idwal Dyer. But the most affirmative acheivement was the establishment of Cofiwn and the signifigant legacy it left on it's demise including Rali Cilmeri prior to it's decline as a radical nationalist platform.

Though today I recognise that as a mistake and well past it's sell by date if a real radical republcanism is to be ever advanced again as WRM III.

This and much else was affirmed by my recent journey to Dublin for the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising:

I have reaching the age of 70 politically retired, what I am about to suggest and note not even a proposal may be regarded as a Retirement 'Adfywiad Gwladgarol' Twighlight. There are to be 'Memoriam Vigils' in Dublin over days of the May 1916 Executions also in Cork and in August at Pentonville Prison and in Scotland too But none in Wales unless the below is carried out:

 Re above am suggesting Individuals/groups adopt a Day/Martyr between 3 - 12 May and either hold a personal or organised tribute, these could be at any time and be no more than dedication and speeches if wished with placing of Ivy Wreaths or single Easter Lily bearing  one of my suggested memoriam photo cards on steps of the Welsh 'Colonial' Office or deliver to the front door?:

Here is a blank and fotos of others executed  for you to make similar cards. Best done by having a 6X4 Foto of the executed devoloped and a 7X5 of the card blank. Paste foto on card and blow up on a foto copier to A3  Size. Then stick to stiff Card and cover with book cover cling film, if you know an easier way go ahead.  Also 6x4 laminated to attach to the Lilies.


Placards as below which were carried on the Dublin Parades at Easter.

Regards suggested Welsh Republican Resurgent/Revival Rally on the 15th May, if to go head? I suggest informal discussions are held in Tafarn Cayo >

between 3 - 12 May to decide if to go for it or not? Speakers decided upon I suggest those who have been involved in past Republican Movements as Gareth ap Sion, Gareth Westacott and Tim Richards et al? As well why not Guest Speakers as Alan Jones of the Great Unrest and Robert ap Steffan of YESCYMRU and Geoff Ifans of 'Hawliau'. As for myself I cannot attend any of above due to other engagements and thus will with Sian carry out our contribution on the 1st May as representing 'YSBRYD COFIWN' and EMBASSY GLYNDWR also out activist campaiging platforms of:

A further suggestion: If the Rally is to go ahead, why not assemble at the Anuerin Bevan statue in Queen Street at 12 noon on 15 May and with all the Photo Placards and loads of Banners and Placards hold a 'Memoriam Walk' to the Welsh 'Colonial' Office via the Lloyd 'Black & Tan' George statue opposite the NMW and wrap in Black Ribbon with poster declaring he to be a 'Welsh Traitor' and Murderer of Irish Patriots. This brings to mind there is also a Lloyd George statue in Caernarfon, I suggest those who cannot make it to the Cardiff Rally could hold a Republican Rally there and wrap that statue in Black Ribbon too, yes! Also attach Easter Lilies.

Last but not least who can draft a good Welsh Republican Proclamation to stick to the door of the Welsh 'Colonial' Office on the 15th May 2016:

To Conclude better get cracking making Welsh Republican flags:



Sian and Gethin.