29 April 2011


  1. Their Field of Dreams was built and 'they came' over the years in their 1000's, if I remember correctly and I will have to as I cannot find any history on the web about the fairground. An account in Western Mail last year stated 2010 was 99th anniversary of the Fairground, that makes 2011 the 100th anniversary? Am amazed I cannot find much more on the history of this Porthcawl's Coney Island in popular culture compared to the one in America it was named after. The Western Mail account stated the fairground was built by two brothers about time of WW I to entertain American Soldiers, another reason for it being named 'Coney Island'. 

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    1. Porthcawl certainly appears in my family and my own personal history, I have family photos of myself, Mam and her Mam on the Beach. Later Photos of myself, Mam and my Children on to present times of myself, Mam and my Children. On my Fathers side there are photos of his extended family camping out with half the houuse brought down for 'Miners Fortnight'. My Uncle actually lives now in an house near enough on the land he camped on as a kid, his wife my Aunty is a Porthcawl girl and as her own 'Cultural History' growing up in Porthcawl in Rock and Roll Years of the 'fithties'. 
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      1. Of course Popular Music figures much in the history of Porthcawl from the music of the Miners Eisteddfod to the garish fairground music that still grinds out it's great songs I have grown up with. Not 'Canu Cymraeg' but largelly 'Canu Americanna'. Popular Americanna stll plays a big part in Porthcawl with it's connections to Owen Money and other South Wales Singers, not least of course the only King that counts around here, 'THE KING', yes Elvis Presley. 

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    Dad brought us kids here to see fireworks displays and the Boxing, my Uncle fought fights here as well as in Eritrea fighting the Bandits. As a SWB boxer he would go into Eritrean town to fight their local champions for money of course, thankfully my Uncle has written down a number of accounts of his life growing up in Gilfach Goch and much else. Where was I? The Fairground, I could go on and on but I would be here for far too long with tales of where the Fairground fits  in my young education and I guess it's place in my 'Acculturalisation' to be truthful. Suffice to end by noting that in Porthcawl took place a successful Brit Amy Mutiny when during WWI a regiment of stroppy South Wales Miners went on strike as to conditions they were in under canvass, guess what they won! Today Porthcawl may no longer have the Miners Eisteddfod but it's got a growing great anual Celtic Festival and of course it's near enough the World Centre of Elvis Tribute Acts. 

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    CWLWM CELTAIDD,The Porthcawl Interceltic Festival.Celtic music and traditional dance festival in Porthcawl, Bridgend.
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    The good news is that there had been talk of the Fairground packing in, it had sold off most of it's great old rides and in latter years looked very 'Down in the Mouth'  and poorly attended. However, Dydd Sarhad'11 my evening was made pleasant by fact it was so crowded possibly some 'Serendipity' going on re 'Stayvaction' hopefully contributing to survival of the Fairground. Below some great music to get you in the mood to view this post - ADFYWIAD'11 THE END - in more ways than one maybe?

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 Below the Only Nod in direction of that Wedding, I could see in the Fairground and this Brit Deco was stuck in a run down corner at back end of the Fairground, good enough fot it. Must mention here, I only read of it today in Porthcawl Wikipedia but the promade was built to clebrate Queen Victoria' Golden Jubilee in 1897 - Interesting 100 years after the failed French Invasion of Fishguard 1797, The Welsh were well on all 'BRIT' then, same in 1897 and today just the same 'BRIT' plus Republican Wales failed in 1797, 1897 and in 2011 pretty patriotically Pathetic to say the least. Note, think this Royal Wedding left you bruised and beaten, just wait for Liz II Diamond Jubilee - Don' Worry Adam Phillips BC will more than likely organise another Escape Camp for Welsh Nats to retreat and run to. That is if he's still around by next year, hope not but you get what you deserve so what have you done to deserve this 'FWA Coslett Clone?'

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GARISH FAIRGROUND ART, being a fan of this Art in Horror and Sci - Fi Use, I just love it and who does not love Pammy, though to be patriotic there's always Llanelli's Imogen our post Millenium Princes Nest, Why not Imogen as a Princess of Wales or maybe Charlotte Church to keep on the right side of Pobl Capel?

 A Nod to the Wedding by a Beach Front Pub.

I am patriotically/politically retired now so, I can go to some Porthcawl Elvis events instead of Commemorations or whatever usually takes up my time. The below looks more honest fun.

A great Prince of Wales Pub, the sign owes more to a mystical Owain Glyndwr as 'Mab Darogan' than a 'Three Feather' English PoW Pub, it looks to be a great Rock Pub too. Not least excellent collection of 'Old Porthcawl' Photographs. 

Below caught my eye - did it catch yours - the Beast within.
Is That The Nationalist Beast within?

That's it folks, my last Adfywiad Action, am out of the Patriotic Game, for most 'Welsh Nats' it is a game or they just do not have guts to take it serious as a real National Liberation Struggle for Independence. For Cultural Nationalism it's all about grabbing grants and it's done a lot of that - useing patriotism to that end - if the truth was known! As for Welsh Republicanism RIP no need to say much more really? Anyway, think this might be the last post here, to keep in touch up to May 6th see Welsh Remembrancer and up to June 6 Red Remembrancer for any possible Republican Revival see RAM blog up to date Liz II Arrives at Assembly later in year.

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