18 January 2015




We note with some concern that next year 2015 England is to commemorate the anniversaries of Magna Carta 1215, Azincourt 1415 and Waterloo 1815. They are largelly of English Historical Concern but not with out Association and influences upon Wales.


Whilst in Wales during 2015 much is being made of the 150th anniversary of establishment of the Welsh Patagonia Colony in 1865. Hopefully this commemoration will cause us to also reflect on the native peoples of Patagonia and their long resistance to they being conquored and Colonised by the Argentinian ‘Coquistadores’ and later Colonisers, These native peoples ‘Mapuche’ still have to wage a resistance to now ‘Corporate Capitalists’ who plunder their lands in both Argentina and Chile.


2015 also marks the 300th Aniversary of the founding of the Society of Ancient Britons iin1715 at a London Dinner attended by the English Princess for Wales. An event with much toasting of Loyalty to the English Crown much due to fact that the ‘Welsh Establishment’ of the day sought to show their loyalty to England while the Scots were engaged in the first Stuart rebellion. These ‘Ancient Britons’ took the English Princes ‘Three Feathers’ as their badge of loyalty and were thus responsible for in time it’s popularity amongst Welsh People as their contemporay symbol of loyalty to English Crown and their ‘English Princes for Wales’.


Sadly, not doubt the 600th Anniversary of Owain Glyndwr’s ‘Disappearence’ on St Mathews Day 21 September in 1415 will be ignored as who would want to commemorate this and the beginning of the end of this armed struggle of National Liberation from English Rule. Not however untill 1421 a guerrila resistance led by Maredudd Owain and the ‘Gwerin Owain’ Rebel Outlaws would continue. In ‘Ysbryd Cofiwn’ we shall fully support the Embassy Glyndwr Glyndwr 660 Commemorative Programme (see their blog) to further promote and reinvigorate celebration of all the great and signifigant acheivements of our national hero Owain IV the true last Prince of Wales – ‘Tywysog Cymru’.


This leads me to conclude by drawing attention to other much needed Welsh Commemorations for 2016, hopefully Welsh Assembly Government, CADW and also Educational and other bodies creative and cultural also not least associated communities will during 2015 busy themselves preparing signifigant national programmes for National Commemorations as the 2016 50th Aberfan Disaster 1966 and 800th Anniversary of the most Wales Historically signifigant Council of Aberdyfi 1216. Finally, worth reminding that 2016 Marks the 100th Anniversaries of the Battles of Mametz and Festubert both Battles having strong Welsh Associations and thus should not be forgotten. 2016 will also mark the 200th Anniversary of the  Merthyr Revolt  of 1816. Last but not least some Welsh Nationalists will be mindful that 2015 marks 20th Anniversary of Death 1995 of Julian Cayo Evans Commandant FWA.


                                       Gethin ap Gruffydd. ‘Welsh Remembrancer’.

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