19 November 2010



The above Illustration, a photo taken at Mynydd Bach 2008, is very much in tribute to Dafydd Ifan y Gof and his son 'Siaci' who in 1826 raised the Pitchfork of Peasants Rural Revolt and made call for the 'y Werin' of Mynydd Back to arise and come to defend their land in the continuation of the struggle of Rhyfel y Sais Bach 1826. Something their descendants are notso prepared to do in our present times, no matter all the calls in recent years for 'Dal Dy Dir', they did not arise and assemble to 'Hold The Land' at the great Vyrnwy Estate sell off 2010, why not I wonder?

Further, the Caernarfon event above in mind, I call for one and all during the day, in memory of the 'Murdered Martyrs ' of the Caernarfon Corn Riot 1752  a Quarry Worker shot and later his body hung up in spiteful malice. Secondly, the Intinerant Gilder who with a call on his horn warned the Quarry men of an ambush, for this he was later lynched and bueried Alive. These the 'Murdered Martyrs' had only attempted to seize Corn awaiting shipment away from local starving mouths to fill the 'fat profits' and 'fat bellies' of others. Please prior or post Rally place Wreaths and Floral Tributes close to the Anglesey Arms where the lynching took place or, throw into waters of Menai Straits. Maybe place on steps of the old court House opposite entrance to Castle as a reminder that in April 1752 there was no justice for the 'Intinerant Gelder' only a quickly called 'Kangeroo Court'.

An epilogue to above the  Quarry Worker was placed by his comrades in a Coffin painted 'Black & Red' (yes! Anarchist Colours? Any Anarchists in Gwynedd to take an interest in this?)  and  they carried this on procession around the town. later he was buried at Llanbebig Cemetary  As for the 'intinerant Gilder' he was buried in Llandwrog Cemetary, ironically there is a plaque in the Chapel in memory of the Villain 'S.M. William Williams, late of Glanrafon, Esq., His Majesty's Attorney General of North Wales. He died the 26th of April, 1769, aged 65'. This monument was erected by his widow Hephzibah Williams.

Unfinnished Business maybe, more public recognition of the two 'Murdered Martyrs', have they plaques placed up in their memory? further why not publish this story as an Heritage Trail leaflet outling this most awful of tales of a Dark April in Caernarfon's History 1752. Certainly why not a more fitting memorial of these events, perhaps depicted in a bronze relief to be placed perhaps near the Anglesy Arms or where ever appropriate. Further, why not make this story central to a May Day Peoples Festival in Caernarfon complete with a May Day March around the town with a replica of that Red & Black Workers Coffin at the fore. Go on do it! Caernarfon, Gwynedd Go Left! I mean really Welsh Radical Left of course, forward an Adfywiad Goch Cymru!

After which I guess many of you might wish to participate in Rali Cilmeri, why not follow my example and make it an occaision to remember the struggles of the People; Past, Present and Future. I shall not be attending, reasons for which I have fully informed on in post below, suffice to say here now, is that at Rali Cilmeri 2009 I declared I was 'Going Left' and it's obvious from above that this year I have been busy doing so.

Further to above see Cofiwn Goch posts in this blog.


Gethin Gruffydd.

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