12 November 2010

TO WEAR A POPPY OR NOT TO WEAR A POPPY, Last Year I Decided To Wear a Poppy and I Did So Again This Year and will continue to do so. AS WELL AS AN IVY LEAF ON 11 DECEMBER OF COURSE.

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Growing up as child I was taken by my father to the annual November 11th Remembrance Parades and of course would wear a poppy, as a youngster I did not consider it to be a 'Brit' thing to be doing. That came later as I became more and more an 'ultra' nationalist and learnt that the English got this idea as a means of not just remembrance but of unifying Britain, an idea based on Bismark prompting similar national remembrance following the Franco Prussian War. This was one of his means of unifying a then very disunited Germany. 

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Later I would think up the idea of wearing an Ivy Leaf in remembrance of 1282 and all those who died fighting for Welsh Freedom and of late I have supported the Embassy Glyndwr Initiative of an Arwyr Glyndwr memorial Garden at Cefn Caer, contributing with my brother to finnance a Gwerin Owain plaque. An initiative I would urge all patriotic communities to contribute to, as a number have already done, nine thus far.


21 Jun 2010 ... GARDD GOFFA ARWYR GLYNDŴR. .PPicic 1 ... the opening of 'GarddArwyr Glyndŵr' (The Glyndŵr Heroes Memorial Garden) at Cefn Caer, Pennal. ...

So why now the poppy, I guess what kicked it off was the fact that plenty of other nationalists were happy with wearing a poppy and an ivy at the appropriate times. Then I thought well if Cultural Nationalist Pacifists can go so far as joining in campaigning for the wearing of a White Poppy, then I could wear a Poppy with a Welsh Republican Green, Red and White Ribbon attached. However, what began to turn my rigid nationalist thinking had more to do with  a realisation that wearing a poppy had more reason for doing so regards respect for the dead of two World Wars. Millions who did fight and die, questionably so in WW I but certainly fighting against Nazi horror in WW II but even with regards WW I, I am aware that my Grandfather fought on the Western Front was wounded twice survived the war but was then killed in a Colliery accident some many years later. In respect to he and 1000's of Miners as he was all his working life, I thought why not wear a poppy in respect to their memory.

Grandfather Frederick Hughes - Photo taken in a Belgian Hospital.

My Mam told me of a family freind who fought in Burma against the Japanese and was captured and imprisoned by them. He survived just about physically but not mentally and upon release and return home soon faded away and died a broken man as many did, we today might hear of soldiers who suffer mental break down. We have become very aware of total nervous break down of many soldiers in WWI but not so much of those in WW II but only recently a Nationalist told me that his father came home from the Anzio battle front a completly mentally broken Soldier. Watching an a TV Dram Doc about a very young RAF Fighter Pilot who bravelly fought a number of engagements during the 'Battle of Britain', then whilst flying and fighting in defence of Malta eventually cracked up. Just how many suffered thus being the hidden casualties of War we are never told, as we just put out of sight and out of mind the so awfully wounded of WW II who have spent the rest of their lives in Cheshire Homes. Such came home to me last year when meandering around in West Wales, I came across the entrence to such an home by which there was a War Memorial but the names that were on it were placed many years after conclusion of the war, their last battlefields were no doubt sick beds in such Cheshire homes.

War Memorial Moelfre 2010.
I travel Wales not so much these days but am often finding myself researching in grave yards and come across War Memorials therein or near by. They are particularly sad when one observes them in small villages, village after village having memorials bearing witness to all the young men who went off and away to France and beyond never to return. looking at these War Memorials does make one feel rather humble and think about lives not fully lived and it really does not bear thinking of the numbers who died. It is enough to make one a pacifist, that I cannot commit that far is another matter but without doubt these days, I do have anti - war feelings. Oh the grief that must have darkened the land in times of these wars and there after for some time, today we see occaisionally the coffins of British Soldiers being brought back home. However, in WW I and II relatives got telegrams, 1000's of telegrams and all repeated again during the Korean, Vietnam and present Iraq and Afghan war. To conclude, I urge one and all to buy the CD: Last Post - The Final Words From Our First World War Soldiers, not simply a record of War but memories of an 'old world' they left behind and would become changed forever, not least in Wales be it urban Wales or rural Cymru. 

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Wearing a Poppy is something many an Irish Republicans cannot cannot bring themselves to do and whilst, they are of course entitled to their views well put in blog below. The Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing, the 'Poppy Day Massacre' was however was an outrage too far, as was 'Islamic Fascist' poppy burning protests in London on remembrance day close to Remembrance Day Services.

An Irishman reasons why not to wear a Poppy… « Slugger O'Toole

cannot wear a symbol commemorating all of those who have fought for the Crown and then say that with all sincerity. The poppy also ...
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Nor it was made clear yesterday, can radical Muslims bring themselves to wear the poppy either but went further and carried out to my mind a rather obscene protests in 'Burning a Symbolic Paper Poppy'. However, placards with slogans as 'British Soldiers Burn In Hell' were no doubt calculated to annoy most London citizens including moderate Muslims no doubt. At the same time they played right into the hands of the right wing media and any number of Right Wing Groups, not least the English Defence League that I call stupid with no real political purpose. Makes one wonder if some one or some agency paid them to pull off this silly stunt, I will not link up the 'Nutter Nonsense' but instead link to a sensible Muslim point of view that one can respect and not really disagree with to some extent. An afterthought, looking at the photos of this protest one cannot feel uneasy, our western humanism and secularist societies over the centuries replaced the religious fanaticism of crusades in Europe as well as the Middle East. Looking at the 'Muslim Mob' and their posters in the web media reports, I am reminded that once such hate filled faces would have been a Christian Mob burning so called 'Witches'. What type of God do such people have, makes one wonder what's going thru the minds of such as those Muslims who support MAC - 'Muslims Against Crusaders'. What a gift to the EDL and BNP, who no doubt would say 'God is on their side!'. What we need is not just an Anti - EDL/BNP  campaign but  our own MAC a  Militant Athiest Campaign against all forms of Religious Fanaticism where ever it comes from, in what ever shape and form it needs to be bueried as Witchfiders have been long ago.

London Muslim

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In Wales we also have need to remember workers and Miners in particular for sheer number of those who have been killed in a great many Colliery disasters and of course, not least the related Aberfan disaster of 21 October 1965. A date on which we may remember and place floral tributes at the memorial in Aberfan cemetary or by any number of statues memorialising Coal Miners and Colliery disasters. Indeed what flower would be suitably symbolic to wear in remembrance for this purpose on 21 October annually, suggestions please?

Welsh Remembrancer.: COFIWN 21 HYDREF 1966 ABERFANREMEMBERED 2009 ...

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All in all, I cannot be mean minded, not to wear a poppy once a year, it will not make me a 'Brit'. It's far more important I pay respect to those who lay down their lives or had them ruined for ever than being mean minded. Then what of our patriots who fought for Wales and have since passed away, surely if 'Welsh International Brigadiers' can have a memorial for fighting in Spain:


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Then why not a memorial for Welsh Freedom Fighters of the 'Armed Adfywiad' 1962 - 69, why not? If something is not done they will be 'white washed' out of Welsh History altogether, this is already underway.

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It will never be likly that this will be ever organised, at least Denis Coslet published a Welsh Patriots Roll Call and read out names of dead patriots annually at Rali Cilmeri. Does anyone bother to keep this tradition alive, I doubt it. So cannot see patriots getting around to a memorial and if they did cannot see permission being given to have such placed in a public space. However, the problem could be solved simply, why not use the 'Cofiwch Dryweryn' wall as our very own Cymric Freedom Fighters Remembrance 'cenotaph' at which Patriots can pay respect to our Freedom Fighters. This 'Cofiwch Dryweryn' wall to my mind is entirely appropriate, not least as it's central location allows for many patriots who pass by, to place Floral Tributes or Ivy Crosses when ever passing by, not needs be on any particular day but when ever passing by that way.

Think On it! Act On It!

Gethin Gruffydd.

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