06 January 2007

Blwyddyn Coffa Llywelyn 1282 - 1982 - 2007.

Blywddyn Coffa Llywelyn

1282 - 1982 - 2007.

Cofiwn 1282

This year 2007, marks the 725th Anniversary of the War of Independence 1282 – 83 and the death of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd on 11 Rhagfyr 1282 at Aberedw (Not at Cefn y Bedd near Cilmeri, more information regards this will be posted in due course). 2007 will also mark 25th anniversary of the great Cofiwn rally at Cilmeri and march in and around Builth Wells in December of 1982 to mark the 700th Anniversary of 1282. Cofiwn in 1982 marked this anniversary of 1282 with a year long series of events throughout the year all over Cymru, running from April to December concluding with a gathering at Cilmeri of up to 3000 ‘pobl Llywelyn’, although the media put it at 2000 patriots. Whatever, an huge number of patriots participated in a great event of 1282 commemorative events of that year of 1982. Some see this as Cofiwn’s greatest achievement and maybe it was if we managed to motivate the Western Mail into an editorial and Y Cymro publish a wonderful front page with regards to Rali Cilmeri 1982.

However, Cofiwn did much work and achieved a great deal in the years of it’s existence, much that we did is now perhaps forgotten, sometimes claimed by others and much being ‘’Stalinised’’ out of our history (No! not by the English but by our own Quisling establishment). Thus this COFIWN ARCHIVE Blog in main is to tell the Cofiwn Story but unfortunately limited as otherwise we would need a website to tell the full story. Before I consider a web site I am looking to see if it is possible first to publish a ‘’Scrapbook’’ style ‘Hanes Cofiwn’ much along the same lines as Gwilym Tudur produced on Hanes Cymdeithas yr Iaith Cymraeg. However, this is a really heavy duty project and would take some time to do, especially if we at same time work to compliment with a DVD of our Cofiwn Film Archive, to tell the story of ‘Hanes Cofiwn’. So this year to ‘’kick off’’ this new Blog, as it is an important anniversary year I shall start at the high point in ‘Hanes Cofiwn’ with the story of the 1282 – 1982 Commemoration., Not least I shall reproduce Cilmeri 1982 archive material.

This focus on Cilmeri in this Blog will not be as big as the one I produced for CILMERI’40 COMMEMORATION 2006 TRIIBUTE BLOG has I have to get on with also telling the story of ‘Hanes Cofiwn’. Although I guess your all eager for some more stuff on Cilmeri Commemoration but do note that more and more Aberdedw and the true history of the last three days in the life of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd will come to the fore during course of the year. I shall also be refocusing an annual commemoration of the death of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd at Aberedw as much as at Cilmeri. If we are to advance information on our history it is of necessity we advance the truthful account, if you wish a ‘Patriotically Correct’ version but this does not mean we shall ignore Cilmeri completely as you will see from information we shall be posting to this blog during course of the year. So stay aboard for an exciting journey back in time to 1982 and 1282 but remember Cofiwn always looked forward not simply back into the past. Cofiwn it must remembered was not just an History Society but a movement engaged in a campaign to combat cerebral colonialism and it’s evil twins “Anglicisation’’ and “Acculturalisation’’.

Cofiwn never simply looked back on our nations past history as an hobby to meander around in, no! ‘Gwaith Cofiwn’ was about radically educating both our people and patriots, the latter we sought to inspire toward continuing patriotic struggle in what we referred to as ‘YSBRYD COFIWN’. Hopefully this COFIWN ARCHIVE Blog will help rekindle or alight anew that ‘’Spirit of Cofiwn” and you may begin to do so at Castell Caergwle on Saturday 31 March 2007 and Castell Penarlag on Palm Sunday 1st April 2006 to commemorate a big April Fools Day on the Garrison of Penarlag/Hawarden Castle, thus beginning the War of Independence 1282 – 83. further Information in following post soon, pass the word on to other patriots – It is all about to happen at the COFIWN ARCHIVE Blog and will continue so until December 2007 at Aberedw and Cilmeri, Abaty Cwm Hir and Llys Rhosyr. So Lets Go For It!

Posting Post Script:

Patriots, especially so called "Welsh Republicans" of Cymru Rydd, Balchder Cymru and not least the last of those ''Old Republicans'' of WRM's I & II why not debate the below in your forums.....

I know what the ''Guardian Republicans'' as Leanne Woods and Bethan Jenkins et al would have to say, no doubt agree with Dafydd Elis Tomos but what would the former Editor of Papur 'Y 'Gwerinaethwr', Gareth ap Sion have to say? So let Discussion and Debate begin, me! I have a ''get out clause'' as I am a 'Welsh Remembrancer' first and foremost but if push came to shove, sorry but I am no monarchist but all the same I would not hold the same views of our history as Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas & Co who also does not think very much about Owain Glyndwr either.
NB: All images are (C) Cofiwn Archive, strictly no reproduction whatsoever without permission and that means everyone. Anyone who does and I find out, will be 'named and shamed' and the Cwn Annwn set free to hunt them down and bring them back for some ''VKC'' ok!
This Posting Ends.

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