19 January 2007

The Ivy: Cofiwn's Symbol of Remembrance.




During my period of self imposed exile in Ireland, I attended the annual Wolfe Tone commemoration and became aware of Irish Republican Commemoration bodies as 'The National Graves Association' and other such which organised events to remember Republican History, Heroes and Martyrs. It was thus in Ireland I first concieved the idea of a Welsh National Commemoration Association later to be renamed 'Cofiwn' at suggestion of Co - Founder, Eurig ap Gwilym.

However, it was not until I returned to Wales and happened to watch a TV drama about the Irish Parliamentarian Parnell that I was made aware that his supporters after his death took to wearing an Ivy Leaf in his rememberance. This got me thinking and looking up 'Ivy' in a book, I discovered it was an ancient Greek 'Symbol of Rememberance'. All this reminded me that Llywelyn's head was ''mockingly'' crowned with Ivy suggested to me that the Ivy was the perfect badge for Cofiwn.

Since Cofiwn has used 'The Ivy' in a number of ways as shown in photo above, the small 'Ivy Crosses'. yes in imitation of the British Legion 'Poppy Crosses' and why not, if ideas are good no matter where from then use them to your own purpose. Cofiwn also encouraged the setting up annually in December 'Cofia 1282 Ivy Cross Rememberance Gardens' as near as possible to the gateways of as many 'Anglo - Norman Castles' in Cymru as is possible, this with exhibition work is what patriots may continue to carry out in the communities today. Of course major 'Cofia 1282 Rememberance Gardens' are annually established in December at important historic sites associated with Llywelyn III as at Cilmeri, Rhosferig and Parc ar Irfon also at Aberedw and Abaty Cwm Hir in Central Cymru. Whilst in Gwynedd such are set up at 'Cofeb 1282' in Caernarfon and at Llys Rhosyr and Aberffraw on Ynys Mon. Hopefully in this year of the 725th anniversary of 1282 a major effort will be made by patriots all over the land to establish such 'Cofia 1282 Rememberance Gardens' in as many communities as possible plus please 'Cofia 1282' Exhibitions in local community centres, Libraries and schools etc. For further advice please contact myself at following Email address: gethin.apgruffydd@ntlworld.com

However, it has been our encouraging of people to wear an 'The Ivy' annually, as from the 1 Rhagfyr to 11 Rhagfyr and for rest of December if wished that has really caught the patriotic imagination. It is not only a good way of expressing sympathy with the memory of the murder of Llywelyn III but when people enquire why 'The Ivy' is worn, it is ''an opening'' for Patriots to inform on 'Hanes 1282'.

To such end, aware as we are of how successful the ''Poppy Appeal'' and 'Rememberance 11 November Sunday' is promoted not least by media people on TV, we have long appealed for 'Media Cymru. Wales' Representatives to do the same. Fair play and credit where credit is due, the only one to ever do so, as far as we are aware is none other than Sian Lloyd. I cannot help but wonder if Sian got so much flack for this from her bosses at S4C that it motivated her to quit and become the most famouse of ''British'' weather girls.

Well we are many years down the road now and despite Sians flirtations with SWS/Stiffyn Parri and that obviosly not so ''Limp Lembit'', I still have a patriotic ''soft spot'' for Sian and wish her well. As after all she did have the patriotic conviction and courage to wear 'The Ivy' whilst others feared to tread that patriot path in our wonderful ''Welsh Media Land''. Right on Sian! Come back all is forgiven! See below what Clive Betts reported and what S4C had to say about Sian Lloyd's ''wee'' patriotic gesture in 2007. Please take note ''Welsh Media People'' whilst you read the below, 2007 is 725th anniversary of the death of LLywelyn ap Gruffyd at Aberedw. Well! this time around, how many of you will dare to wear 'The Ivy' on 11 Rhagfyr as you wear 'The Poppy' on 11 Tachwedd? Inc maybe Huw Edwards up in London, after all he makes good money out of presenting Welsh History Programmes for TV WALES/CYMRU.

Fin! For Now but will be back OK!