11 January 2007

Cofiwn 1282: Rhaglen 1982 - Rhaglen 2007?

Cofiwn 1282: Rhaglen 1982 - Rhaglen 2007?

All pics are (c) Cofiwn Archive.

See Below extract from Brut y Tywysogion:

Palm Sunday begins the war of 1282, surely worth annually commemorating by Fflintshire Patriots and on the correct date for the correct reasons. READ ON:

Note: Mistake in Brut, first entry should read 1282.

Cofiwn on the march in Caerffili 1982 in a contribution to the commemoration of the 700th anniversary of 1282, events were held in a number of communities throughout the land during 1982. See programme for that year below:

Enlarged Programme detail below:

Cofiwn no longer exists to organise similar during 2007 but surely patriots in communities mentioned above could organise much the same themselves, after all it's not that difficult is it? One of the best events organised was the one to mark the 700th anniversary of the Welsh Victory at Battle of Llandeilo on 17 June 1282.

This historic event and a Welsh Victory too should be worth a revisit and as Ystrad Tywi is a stronghold of the ''Knights of St David'' surely they would throw up their charitable riches towards sponsorship of such a worthy commemoration and funding of the CAMBRIA BAND to march down the streets of Llandielo on the 16 or 17 Mehefin 2007. Why not make a weekend of it with visits to ''Carlo's Cottage'' close by at Myddfai via a pint in Llangadog. Continuing on a visit to Llandovery to see the statue there of that other Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan. However, do not forget to visit Dinefewr the Royal Seat of the Princes of Deheubarth, that should interest our ''Royalist Republicans'' of 'Cymru Rydd' and 'Balchder Cymru' (the Politically Challenged). All of course providing great photos for CAMBRIA MAGAZINE whose HQ is not far away at Nant Caredig.

However, to 'Kick off'' 1282 - 2007, 725th anniversary we suggest a commemorative weekend be held with events at Castell Caergwle on 31 Mawrth 2007 and there after annually on that date. This marks the eve of the Welsh preparing for their attack on Castell Penarlag the following day of Palm Sunday 1282, this year falling aptly on 1st Ebrill 2007 - April Fools Day.

Castell Caergwle and Castell Penarlag (Hawarden)

I have had communication from Adam Phillips of 'Balchder Cymru' offering to commemorate the above in association with his Glyndwr event at Hope and Castell Caergwle which I believe he holds in Februry but I have said ''NO THANKS''. I do not believe in messing about with the dates of anniversaries in our history (our people are confused enough has it is). We are commemorating fact that in 1282 Castell Caergwle was in Welsh Hands and that it was on Palm Sunday of that year amidst a raging storm they carried out their attack on Castell Penarlag. This is the history on the Historical Information board at Castell Caergwle clearly states such, in fact there is no mention of Owain Glyndwr here as he did not attack the Castle but rather burnt Hope. Thus, I would suggest to Fflintshire and other Welsh Patriots that it is far more pertinant historically to commemorate the events associated with the 1282 war here, rather than 'Rhyfel Glyndwr'. In past I have supported B.C. event at Hope/Caergwle but not now for reasons stated above plus in agreement with Embassy Glyndwr, it is far better to commemorate also in March the death of Fflintshires great 'Arwr Glyndwr', Hywel Gwynedd at Moel y Gaer on the 6 Mawrth 1406 with proposed commemoration on 10 Mawrth 2007 and then annually. For further details see OWAIN GLYNDWR COMMUNICATES Blog.

Picture here is of Castell Aberystwyth: Following on the succesful Welsh attack on Castell Penarlag, the Cymry of Ceredigion over Easter 1282 took Castell Aberystwyth. Perhaps opportunity for Gwladgarwyr Ceredigion to hold a commemoration, if they do and they send me information I shall post information to this Cofiwn Archive Blog. Well that's it for now, my thanks to Sian for publishing this posting, please note if requiring any further information over the coming weeks please contact Sian at Embassy Glyndwr. Otherwise, I may usually be contacted at gethin.apgruffydd@ntlworld.com

More 1282 - 1982 Ephemera to follow in due course.

NB: Please note that I nor my patriotic work has any association with 'Balchder Cymru', indeed I disassociate myself from that ''body'' completly and totally. Whilst preferring that B.C. refrains from ''hi - jacking'' any events, ideas or initiatives and images etc for their own use, I of course do not seek to hinder their ''members'' from enjoying the history I place before all patriots nor indeed attending events I may be organising but as individuals they would be welcome but not as ''representatives'' of the aforementioned ''Body'' of dubious origins and devious behaviour. As for instance not listing any ''officers'' nor offering any real clarity as to their real object and aims which presents it self as being ''Republican'' but then does nought but commemorate events associated with the ''Welsh Aristocracy''. If you have ever visited the various web sites and blogs of Adam Phillips and 'Balchder Cymru' and do not understand their ''Modus Oprandi'', then indeed you are 'POLITICALLY CHALLENGED' as they are. Republican? Come Of It Adam! further comments on this matter will be posted on my CILMERI'40 COMMEMORATION 2006 blog in a special 'Attenda Feature' in due course. Spread the word, the times they are exciting?

Gethin ap Gruffydd.

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