16 January 2007

Sul y Blodau 1980: Attempt to destroy Cofiwn.

Sul y Blodau 1980:

In 1979 Meibion Glyndwr began its “Arson War”, in response to the early successes of this secret underground Welsh Resistance Movement the Quisling Establishment in Cymru gave the security services the order to mount an offensive against the Nationalist Movement. COFIWN in particular and it's leadership and members in drew down the wrath of the English establishments Security Services and on ‘Sul y Blodau 1980’, following a COFIWN A.G.M. at Machynlleth, over 60 patriots throughout Wales were dragged out of their beds, arrested and some kept imprisoned at secret locations for a number of days. At least two thirds of those arrested were COFIWN members and supporters. Imagine what the number would have been if the same percentage of population had been arrested in this way in England! A note in passing: The protest singer and politician Dafydd Iwan has written a touching song about the way that these arrests were carried out and homes vandalised in the process.

NB: Further information will be added in time also above will be dealt with in more detail eventually in the Alternative Nationalist Movement and Struggle History Archive Web Site, at moment only in pre – web development. For further information on Meibion Glyndwr I suggest you do a web search for material, some of it for and some against. Of course the big question is: ''Why did M.G's Campaign come to an end?'' Possibly best it did as with the arising age of the CCTV, DNA Forensics and mobile phone tracking plus post Twin Towers ''Terrorism Hysteria'', it is now almost impossible and too dangerous to paint a slogan let alone be involved in any ''militant resistance''. Just as well too as the way forward for future Radical Nationalist Activism must be via means of non - violent direct action, passive resistance and dare I say it, in final recourse ''taking to the streets'' as one witnesses such as Environmentalists in action. Our own ''language patriots'' have set fourth good example of protest and struggle over the years, plus of course I and other 'Patriotic Front' members 'took to the streets' between the years 1967 through to 1969 in protest against the Investiture of that year. Which brings me to 'Gwyl y Cestyll 1983' my next posting to this blog.