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This article is about the particular significance of the year1936 to Wales and its people. Contents. 1 Incumbents; 2 Events; 3 Arts and literature ...
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75th Anniversary of Penyberth 1936.

Three Fought For Wales and 118 Fought For Spain in the International Brigade and 34 were killed, to die for Spain and the cause of International Workers Solidarity - was it worth it? I mean any of it, including Penyberth?

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As for Commemorating Penyberth will Plaid & Plant Crachach be up for that or not as they failed to commemorate Cofiwch Dryweryn 1965 - 2010. Ain't that the truth, not wishing to upset all the 'New Comers' aka 'New Colonists'. No sense in dragging up the past and talk of matches and fire, let alone bombs, don't mention Mewnlifiad and Meibion Glyndwr, not in Referendum and Assembly Election year. So I guess here's another commemoration for the Facebook Fusiliers?

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    Welsh nationalism was ignited in 1936 when the UK government settled on establishing the RAF Penrhos bombing school at Penyberth on the Llŷn peninsula in ...
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  2. BBC - Cymru Ar Yr Awyr - Penyberth a'r ysgol fomio

    1936Penyberth a'r ysgol fomio. 'Y Tri' yn cynnau'r Tân yn Llyn wrth losgi'r Ysgol Fomio. Yn 1935 fe benderfynodd y llywodraeth sefydlu ysgol fomio i'r ...
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  3. A Nation on Trial: Penyberth 1936: Amazon.co.uk: John Davies ...

    A Nation on Trial: Penyberth 1936: Amazon.co.uk: John Davies, Dafydd Jenkins, Ann Corkett: Books.
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    Jenkins, Dafydd (1998), A nation on trial : Penyberth1936. Translated by Ann Corkett. Cardiff : Welsh Academic Press. ISBN 1860570011. ...
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    Penyberth 1936. If it were possible to date the appearance of Welsh Nationalism as a political force rather than a tiny group of reactionary academics, ...
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  6. Penyberth - National Library of Wales - Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

    A fire at Penyberth had far-reaching consequences within the Welsh nationalist movement. In the early hours of 8 September 1936, a fire was lit at Penyberth ...
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  7. Cors Geirch

    In 1936 a decision was taken to establish an RAF bombing school at Penyberth, including the area of the low plateau in the bend of the river where the Afon ...
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  8. Press releases of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales

    Guto Prys ap Gwynfor to light a flame of peace at Penyberth... Lewis Valentine and DJ Davies to stop the building of a bombing school there in 1936...
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  9. Airminded · The fire in Llŷn

    17 Aug 2009 ... The fire at Penyberth, in the Llŷn peninsula, is an important part of the ...Why in 1936? This was precisely the time when the RAF was ...
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    14 Jul 2010 ... During the 1936 campaign a supplement of articles on various aspects ... The English translation of Porth Neigwl, a beach near Penyberth is, ...
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    The above is very much of importance to Cultural Nationalist Wales but as for 'Socialist Wales', the year 1936 meant the great depression and the hunger marches and the rise of fascism in Europe not least the Falange and Franco in Spain. 1936 was the year the Civil War was to begin in Spain and the formation of the International Brigades, see links below:


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    RED REMEMBRANCER. A Welsh Radical PLatform: containing information on history of peoples popular and radical political struggles in Wales, ...
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    29 Oct 2010 ... ADFYWIAD GOCH CYMRU. Red Resurgence Cymru advocates and promotes Socialist Agit - Prop Action: Campaigns and Struggles in Wales in support ...
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    1. Fascism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      8.1 Europe. 8.1.1 Italian Fascism; 8.1.2 Nazism (National Socialism, ..... Rise to power and initial international spread of fascism (1922–1929) .... During the Great Depression, Mussolini promoted active state intervention in the economy. ..... To this end, Action T4 was introduced in the late 1930s and organized ...
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    2. Economics of fascism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      ... countries located in Southern and South-Eastern Europeduring the 1930s ...
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    3. The Rise of American Fascism

      Just as understanding the rise of fascism in Europe requires ...... This is why, even duringthe mid 1930s, members of the American far left were already ...
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      Ambrose Bebb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Ambrose Bebb was the son of diarist Edward Hughes Bebb, and the father of noted Welsh ... influenced by Charles Maurras of the Action Francaise movement. ...
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      Ambrose Bebb

      Ambrose Bebb published six books on the history of Wales from the earliest ... as L'Action Française , and they had a profound influence on his thinking. ...
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      Saving the Soul of the Nation: Essentialist Nationalism and ...

      by WIL GRIFFITH - 2010
      Indeed, Lewis and Ambrose Bebb were the two foremost ideologues of the new ... from elements of the neo-fascist movement, Action Française.15 To a lesser ...

      Blueshirts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      'Defending Ireland: The Irish State and its Enemies since 1922'. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-820426-4. Mike Cronin, The Blueshirts and Irish Politics ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueshirts - Cached - Similar

      Breiz Atao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Breiz Atao (also Breizh Atao) (in Breton Brittany For Ever), was a Breton nationalist journal in the mid-twentieth century. The term is also used for the ...
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