16 October 2010


Having a Pint or two after work.
The Globe Inn, The Borough, Southwark.

Getting out of the Box, that Wales can sometimes be allows time for reflection and thus this was the case with my two years self imposed exile in Ireland. My Dublin Days and in the early 'Seventies' quite an exciting period and indeed a lovely City to work and play in but more the work. My life time often preferred choice of work as a Kitchen Porter had began in Butlins, Barry Island one Xmas, this work and also Grill Chef work too was taken up again in Dublin. Some forty odd years later and many other jobs in between but there i am again, in photo above having a pint following an hard days work in 'The City' across the river, no not dealer in bonds but once again a Kitchen Porter. 

Hell of a job but you get fed well and certainly in 'The City' what with all the functions you drink well too but best of all you get to work with people from all over the world and that teaches well that we are all 'Brothers and Sisters of the Ox'. Another bonus having worked in Dublin and London is that Cities as these are just built on history and it's around every corner, not least London with all it's Welsh Connections and where the recovery of a patriotic Welsh Memory was destroyed to suit the Tudors, so out went Owain Glyndwr for starters! However, centuries later here in London a patriotic Welsh Memory was recovered in an age of Romance and Revolution by the father of Welsh Nationalism Iolo Morgannwg and made real again on Primrose Hill. 

Unfortunatly, the Welsh History Iolo recovered to serve the common folk in radical struggle was in a matter of time hi - jacked to serve a rising Welsh Victorian Middle Class - 'Y Crachach' who has from 1848 distorted Welsh History in service of their self interest and self advancement as increasingly in service of an expanding British Empire. Be in no doubt at all that they distracted away from revolutionary struggle and have been doing so since with a 'Crachach-Centric' version of a Welsh 'Cultural Nationalist' history that focus on the Blue Books of 1848 and not the growing unity and solidarity of International Republican Revolutionary Struggles that grew out of the European Revoltions of 1848. This 'Cultural Nationalist Crachach' are of course national Frauds and fakes, they are upheld as great patriots, such as those who founded the Yr Cymrodorion and including the founder of Yr Urdd Gobaith Cymru no less. All these great Welsh Victorians were great British Loyalists, no less than Lloyd George and the likes of Educator Hugh Owen and Capitalist D.A. Thomas. All of them were founders, architects and full on supporters of the 1911 Investiture, not forced on us by the English but made possible by our very own native traitors. The likes of which continue to thrive in the Wales of today, hiding behind and using 'Cultural Nationalism' to own none too patriotic purpose, if truth was known. 

Of course not all 'Cultural Nationalists' need be condemned but there is 'Crew of Cronies' who have their roots in the 'Colonial Collaborators' who came into their own serving the English Conquest post 1282. This class supported the Tudors in selling out their nation, not just the 'anglicising' gentry but also the Bards, twice at Caerwys in service of Elizabeth I and her on  going  Protestant Reformation. This class came to support the Anglo - German Hanovarians against the Irish and Scottish Jaccobites and this class with their Southwark College and Red Dragon Trade Union served Welsh Imperial Victorian Capitalism aganist the Miners down to Tonypandy 1910. Again one might here they from time to time call out Cofiwch Cilmeri, 1282 and all that but actually do much more than write poetry or sign petititions, no way!

Some may have appeared radical in their youth, in opposing the Investiture of 1969 but only as far as it did not really conflict with self interest and self advancement. Trust me, this class now 'Y Crachach Newydd' (our very own Noveau Riche) are indeed England's Client Tribe in Wales and will gladly continue to serve England's Colonial Interests in Wales. Not least in seeking, organising and promoting a third Investiture in Caernarfon, don't belive me? just take a look at the book (cover & contents) illustrated in this post. Go on look and think what's missing from the list of contents? yes! the Armed Struggle by the FWA and MAC also the Anti - Investiture Campaign of the Adfywiad Gwladgarol Fawr 1962 - 69. Now I wonder why that is also, note a Welsh Education body has produced booklets on contemporary Welsh People, guess what the Drug Pusher Howard Marks gets published but not national hero John Jenkins, why is that?

So what's missing from the slogan below, yes a 'White Eagle Cross', I am totally opposed to paying for this wall but I oppose it being senslessly daubed too but am for a 'White Eagle Cross' being added, to make the point and remind of Owen Williams and the 'Two Boys From Gwent'. After all CyIG have painted up their logo on the wall.

As we can see from the foto above, a new CyIG generation are seeking to perpetuate their own myth as much as Commandant Cayo FWA as far as Tryweryn is concerned anyway:

WalesOnline - News - Columnists - White Eagles that never really ...

12 Oct 2010 ... WELL, with all due respect to the musical talents of Mr Ian Bone, it would take ... hopes to have their story, “an Evita-style musical called Cayo! ... Odd, then, that when the FWA were invited on to the David Frost Show ...www.walesonline.co.uk/.../white-eagles-that-never-really-got-off-the-ground-91466-27450265/ -Cached

Everyone it seems wants a bit of 'CofiwchTryweryn', no less than in this year of the 45th Anniversary Commemoration. Cymdeithas yr Iaith Cymraeg who have already had their Anniversary Commemoration in service of their present 'Save Rural Schools' campaign.

2pm Pwyllgor Amddiffyn Ysgol Parc yn cynnal RaliTryweryn 2010 ar yr argae ...cymdeithas.org/.../taith_gerdded_cludo_cerdyn_post_tryweryn.htmlCached

Next week it's the turn of what I can only call the 'Face Book Fantasy Fringe Fusiliers' (if you read my other blogs, you will see plenty of criticisms as to why I label them such) as Balchder Cymru, Cymru 1400, Fe Godwn Ni Eto and Eryr Wen, all the same small handful of 'Wannabe Sixties Radicals' aks 'Retro Republican Romantics' organising their Tryweryn Commemoration next Saturday under auspicies of, it would be a Facebook site called Cofiwch Dreweryn (do not click into the below, only go as far as first page):

Cofiwch Dryweryn - Penblwydd 45ed - 45th Anniversary |Facebook

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As to what cause or campaign they are advancing other than their own unknown end purpose is anyones guess, I oppose them for their lack of clarity and transparency here and because I see in them a 'Dodgy and Doubtful' bunch of 'Knee Jerker Super Patriots' who will do more harm than good not least because they will mislead young patriots towards being Crach Fodder! A position from which Alternative Welsh Nationalism needs to move far away from, if it is ever to become truelly radically Republican in theory and practise. Looking back with bemusement from my bar stool in the Globe, well out of the Welsh Box, hearing (have caught up with three episodes thus far) of 'ShamlessS4C's' present classic Crachach distortion of contemporary Welsh History in the TV series of Pen Talar:

WalesOnline - News - Wales News - New S4C drama series Pen Talar ...

A NEW drama series from S4C is being hailed as arguably the best drama ...www.walesonline.co.uk/.../new-s4c-drama-series-pen-talar-hailed-as-best-ever-91466-27183584/ - Cached

As much it appears a classic case of again Y Crachach' shaping Cymru in their own image, it follows the tried and true tested way a view of the past that makes them really self important but oh! so safe? Hence, no mention of Owen Williams only Emyr Llywelyn, that's comparable with the way 'Crachach-centric' history views Lewis Lewis (bad) and Dic Penderyn (good). As for the FWA character casting aside is FWA cap after his Dad reads him an R.S.Thomas poem had be reaching for 'bucket vomit'. Then there is the WSRM/WAWR episode clearly made a big deal of as the above book focuses on CND, Greenham Common and Anti - Aparthied Campaign, being 'trendy lefty maybe or just 'we are all pacifists together now?' The writters still could not resist making the point that 'Armed Revolutionary Violence' does not pay, guy gets killed by bomb and girl looses baby. There is an interesting and very good amature video on web called the Road to Tryweryn, see link:

Tryweryn The Road To Capel Celyn

21 Aug 2010 ... Tryweryn The Road To Capel Celyn - from WN Network. ... style="display: none;"><div class="video-tooltip-title">
wn.com/Tryweryn__The_Road_To_Capel_Celyn - Cached

I suggest now someone makes a video on subject of 'The Road from Trywern to S4C and the Pontcanna Patagonia', you might film 'The End' at the CyIG protest in support of 'ShamlessS4C' in Cardiff on 5th November, i believe? Although, that's a very much lost cause now. So hopefully, they and other language groups will turn their attention to my much more important proposed campaign of Land and Liberty:


22 Jul 2010 ... LAND & LIBERTY CAMPAIGN CYMRU 2010: 'VYRNWY MAS O'R BYD' and 'YSBRYD TY UNNOS' For The COMMUNITY of the FREE CYMRY! ...ymgyrch.blogspot.com/.../land-liberty-campaign-cymru-2010-vyrnwy.html - Cached

In conclusion, suffice to say no! I shall not be attending any Cofiwch Dreweryn Commemoration as I see this now becoming as the 'Blue Books' very much a Crachach distraction and diversion from struggle as against the great Vyrnwy Land Grab and possiblity of a third Investiture taking place in Caernarfon. Other than that, I think it really is time that Welsh Nationalists focused more attention on post Industrial Urban Wales and, that includes such areas in rural Wales too! To this end, I shall again this year place floral tributes at the Abrerfan Cemetary and be more mindful to 'Cofiwch Aberfan'66'. My next post will be on the need hence for a HANES COFIWN GOCH but in the mean time make the most of the below as these blogs  along with this Cofiwn Blog will by next year be taken off the web for archive and publications material content:

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