27 October 2010

VYRNWY RESERVOIR 2010 - 100th ANNIVERSARY OF IT's COMPLETION: 23 HYDREF 2010 A COFIWN STYLE CYMRIC CONSCIOUSNESS COMMEMORATION CAMPAIGN DAY OF PATRIOTIC ACTION FOR OUR LAND AND LIBERTY. Tryweryn Was Yesterday, It's Vyrnwy Today and Tomorrow It Will Be Wales That Will Be Lost Forever? IF PATRIOTS DO NOT ARISE NOW! Let Us Now Struggle To Save Our Land And Resist Tory Colonialist Aggression Against Wales.

Three Plaques Marking Stages in Dam Development.
2010 is the 100th Anniversary of the completion work on the 
Vyrnwy Reservoir in 1910, to mark this occaision see photos  
below throughout in this post.

Protest Placards.

Last one, I promise | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

24 Apr 2010... and it was the Prince of Wales who unveiledthe plaque - considering it was Welsh people ... LakeVyrnwy on the first summery... (Set) ...
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1910 English Prince of Wales Plaque
The Corporation of Liverpool began work on the huge masonry dam in 1881 to secure a fresh water supply for Liverpool. The Dam was completed in 1888 and is 26m (84ft) high from the bed of the lake to the overflow.  The foundations are almost as deep again.  The Dam is 357m (1172ft) long and is 36.5m thick (120ft) at its base. The lake took two years to fill and water was first supplied to Liverpool in 1891.  An official ceremony in 1910 was conducted by the then HRH the Prince of Wales to mark the completion of the works, this was before the 1911 Investiture, so could he have been HRH Prince of Wales in 1910? Remember 2011 is the 100th Anniversary of the 1911 Investiture, protest actions on and about 13 July anniversary date of that first Caernarfon Investiture. No! I am not organising, the Face Book Fusiliers are welcome to that one or Pobl Gwynedd it's they that have to make up for supporting the 1911 Investiture whilst Southern Socialists protested.

Lloyd George Statue Caernarfon.
This dam was the first large masonry Dam built in Britain.  Earlier dams built in Britain had been earth embankment constructions. The surrounding 24,000 acre catchment area was also purchased to control the purity of the water.  This land now includes woodland walks, bird hides, viewing pointsand local crafts.  The RSPB shop provides information on which Bird species can be seen.

Summit of Bwlch y Groes.

Dr George Deacon (1843-1909) started the design of the Vyrnwy Dam in 1879 at the age of 36. ... Underneath the West Tower is a building known as the Power House. ... to local roads during the construction of the Lake Vyrnwy reservoir. ...
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Site of Original Sanctuary Cross at Junction of Roads to
Mawddwy and Pont Eunant, Llyn Fyrnwy.

Home » Health, Welfare and Charity » Public health » Vyrnwy reservoir ...
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Looking South to Mawddwy ' 'Red Bandit' Country
But I am heading East along Waun y Gadfa Road
Towards Llyn Fyrnwy.
  1. 24 Jun 2009 ... Along with all the other buildings behind the dam this also was ... to local roads during the construction of the Lake Vyrnwy reservoir. ...
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    Barn with 'Dal dy Dir' slogan and no! I did not do it!
  2. Lake Vyrnwy water cycle. ... A century ago the Vyrnwy Valley looked very different, the valley of the River Vyrnwy was closed off by the building of the dam and ... The dam andreservoir are sited to take advantage of the Vyrnwy Valley ...
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    Llyn Fyrnwy down the Road a little way.
    Lake Vyrnwy is actually a reservoir, and was formed by the building of a massive dam in the 1880's, in order to supply the city of Liverpool with its water. ...
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    Llyn Fyrnwy from North/West?
    Underneath the West Tower is a building known as the Power House. Inside is an electrical generator which is driven by water leaving the reservoir. ...
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    Llyn Fyrnwy From South/East?
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    Plan of intended Vyrnwy Reservoir, c. Montgomeryshire by the ... Photograph album of LakeVyrnwy, photographs of the building ...

    1. "Lake Vyrnwy"

      A map of Lake Vyrnwy, click on the map for information on attractions, ... The lake itself is actually a reservoir for (as is usually the case) an English city. ... White water rafting, raftbuilding and swiftwater rescue training on ...
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    2. 13 Oct 2010 ... Underneath the West Tower is a buildingknown as the Power House. ... to local roads during the construction of the Lake Vyrnwy reservoir. ...
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      Lake Vyrnwy - www.glyn-yr-aur.com

      Over 200000 visitors flock to the Lake Vyrnwy reservoir in the Berwyn ... Previously, any reservoirs were constructed by excavating earth and building an ...
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      Vyrnwy reservoir was the largest artificial reservoir in Europe when it was first ... It is a grade 2 listed building. No site for an ordinary reservoir was ...

      Victorian Llanfyllin - Lake Vyrnwy menu

      Lake Vyrnwy was created by the Victorians when they built the first large masonry dam in Britain ... Building the Vyrnwy dam · The tower of Lake Vyrnwy ...
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      Llanwddyn - Visitor Information

      The village lies at the southern end of Lake Vyrnwy (Llyn Efyrnwy), ... Another strikingbuilding is the Gothic tower designed by George Frederick Deacon, ... a monument to the 44 men who died during the construction of the reservoir. ...
      www.findsomewhere.co.uk/.../Powys/TAVLlanwddyn.htm - Cached

      Road To Llanwddyn

      BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR24 Oct 2010 ... BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR. Material associated with the Military History of the Last Great War of Welsh Independence 1400 - 1416 - 1422. ...brwydrauglyndwr.blogspot.com/ - Cached

      Glyndwr Way Information Board Near By.
      TARIAN GLYNDŴR17 Aug 2010 ... Mudiad Tarian Glyndŵr campaigns against oppression of our people and expropriation of our land and its natuural resources. ...tarianglyndwr.blogspot.com/ - Cached

    Left V.R. Letter Box you will find by the bronze plaques, see foto at top. Handy to post Souvenir Post Cards from. Well that's it folks, my last push on Vyrnwy Issue, it's your turn now? Plenty of time before 2010 ends, for you to take a trip around the reservoir puting up protest posters in this 100th Anniversary year. Unfortunatly, I went down with a bad cold before this outing to Vyrnwy and thus did not make as many posters as I wished but there did what I could. Better than nothing at all, especially this year of 2010 as explained why above. Of course if sound Welsh bidders win out in the auction then there might not be need for further protests, I must say I am more than a bit concerned about Mid Wales Housing putting in a bid. More than just a little worried about they talking about building 'Afordable Housing', for who? that's the big question, see link below but note I am going to let other patriots to look into this:

    Councils plan for exodus of poor families from London | Politics ...

    24 Oct 2010 ... Jon Cruddas: 'It is tantamount to cleansing the poor out of rich areas 
    ..... In many areas of London, such as the Docklands, Manchester city ...
    www.guardian.co.uk/politics/.../exodus-poor-families-from-london - Cached

    More Protest Action, certainly get some posters up all the way to Liverpool, follow the pipeline, the acqueducts and pumping stations thru the North East to Liverpool. If there is need to really get a campaign going then remember poster picket Severn Trent Water Authourity Offices etc also keep in mind the Clywedog Reservoir Estate, land there might be up for sale next. Not least keep up on all Land Bank hoovering up of Welsh Land, inc forests, is there anyone out there who can keep on top of this? Forget 'ShamlessS4C', let 'y Crachach' take care of themselves this Land & Liberty Issue is far, far more important or in another 50, let alone another 100 years we will not have a Wales to call our own. As for such nonsense as draining this or any other Reservoir, forget it! We want all Reservoirs in Wales 'Nationalised/Communalised', with land and water used in our interest not in interest of English Corperations or shareholders. So, what you waiting for another parade? get out there and Protest! Protest! Protest! Me? I am taking a long break, have more than done my bit! Though next year I think I will Back Pack the mountains around Llyn Efyrnwy, just look at the pictures in this link below:

    The Hirnants

    17 Aug 2005 ... Llyn Efyrnwy from Pont Eunant (16 Aug 2005__08:52:12). 
    The main objective of today was the waterfall of Pistyll Rhyd-y-meinciau, ...
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    Now ain't all that worth fighting for?
    Land and Liberty.
    Gethin Gruffydd.


    Don't You Just Love This Country?