19 October 2010

COFIWCH DRYWERYN 1965 - 2010: 45 Years On - How Are The 'Tryweryn Troubles Commemorated and Remembered By Welsh People Today?

My Contribution to 45th Anniversary, the design is of a White Eagle rising up out of the flames of our Wars of Resistence against a  Sun meant to represent a bright future. all on our National and Royal Colours. The below for Commemorative Poster, Placard and Foto post card use. You may also use to illustrate your Websites, Blogs and Face books also Email around this week. No permission required for reuse, credit would be nice though.

The Below Could be for a Banner, Placard and Poster also Sweater or a T-Shirt. No permission required for reuse, credit would be nice though.

The Below could be used as a Flag, Sweater and T-shirt design also as Posters, Placards and Stickers. No permission required for reuse, credit would be nice though. I am going to try fabric painting this on back of Denim and Leather Jacket too, in time something to do thru the Winter.

The above two designs could be used at Nationalist protests and commemorations, not least Rali Cilmeri would be most suitable and be most impressive to have this design used for placards and posters, flags and Banners by the 100. At any future Anti - English Princes Rally and Parade in Caernarfon, not least next year, re 100th Anniversary of the 1911 Investiture of an English Prince of Wales.


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WalesOnline - News - UK News - Wave of Tryweryn bitterness starts ...

6 Aug 2009 ... The graffiti “Cofiwch Dryweryn” (Remember Tryweryn) 
was painted by the ... “Cofiwch Dryweryn” became a rallying call for 
generations of ...www.walesonline.co.uk/.../wave-of-tryweryn-bitterness
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Mercher daeth i'r amlwg fod y wal eiconig ger ...www.golwg360.
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Malan Vaughan Wilkinson sy'n dweud bod wal Cofiwch Dryweryn yn 
fwy na charreg a phaent... Ddydd Mercher diwethaf daeth i'r amlwg fod
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Cofiwch Dryweryn – Oes Angen?

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'Cofia Dryweryn' oeddwn i'n feddwl oedd o'n wreiddiol, p'run bynnag 
'Cofiwch Dryweryn' sydd yna erbyn hyn; yn nes at gyfarwyddyd mewn 
dogfen gan y DVLA. ...
www.cylchgrawnbarn.com/index.php?...cofiwch-dryweryn... - Cached


 Like many people, I was shocked by news of the vandalism of the slogan
 “Cofiwch Dryweryn.” ...nickbourneam.blogspot.com/2010/.../shocking
-vandalism-of-cofiwch-dryweryn.html - Cached

Duncan Higgitt: Welsh Nationalism | Rise Like Lions

21 Sep 2010 ... In white on vivid red, the words 'Cofiwch
 Dryweryn' haveremained on ...Tryweryn is the name of the 
valley near Bala flooded in the early ...riselikelions.co.uk/
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Cofiwch Dryweryn « Slugger O'Toole

Cofiwch Dryweryn · Dewi,. Mon 31 August 2009, 6:16am
 .... Integrate the City from the Top Down 17 October 2010
Integrate the City from the Top Down 17 sluggerotoole.com
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The Daily Rant: Cofiwch Dryweryn

14 Sep 2009 ... Cofiwch Dryweryn. The journey on the 
A4212 from Bala to  Trawsfynydd is a... -Kind Regards Noreen.
 27 September 2010 03:30 · Post a Comment ...www.keithruffles.
com/2009/09/cofiwch-dryweryn.html - Cached - Similar

Why the racism? | Forums | Wales Online

15 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 27 Jun 2008
Cofiwch Dreweryn. welshnotbigoted: Posts: 4: Joined: Wed Feb 27, ... 
Cofiwch Dreweryn. Sorry Welshnobigot...exactly how many people
 drowned ...forums.walesonline.co.uk/viewtopic.php?
p=51257&highlight= - Cached

John Meirion Morris

... placed beside the dam which, a generation ago, so
 fatefully inspired Welsh 
patriots to the slogan "Cofiwch Dryweryn" -

 remember Tryweryn. (Jan Morris) 

The Tryweryn Question | openDemocracy

4 Oct 2007 ... [b]Well before the West Lothian, 
Offas Dyke or Tryweryn Questions 
 .... I don't think there

 would be half the animosity today if they hadn't .

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BBC - Eclips - Tryweryn

Tryweryn, Advanced Welsh Learners, Historic events, 
Tryweryn. ... 
Could this type of thing happen today

From Www.Cymru ; Rhaglen 6
 first broadcast 21/02/02 ..


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We Lost a Village ...

10 Jun 2010 ... The landmark near 
Aberystwyth once again reads Cofiwch 
... The Cofiwch Dryweryn wall was defaced a few days ago 
. ...welshremembrancer.blogspot.com/.../oh-dear-its-beeb-daubed
-we-lost-village.html - Cached

CERDDED YMLAEN 2010 - 2016.The Long Walk For Wales.

A Walk From Tryweryn To Vyrnwy Via Bwlch y Groes 21 - 23 
October 2010, Yes?
 .... Click on Wales » Blog Archive » Resisting 

the “Chesterfication” of . .

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Gethin Gruffydd.

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